How Many Adults Can Fit?

Our tubs can hold 4-6 adults comfortably.

What Do I Need To Provide?

We just need access to a standard household outlet and a water spigot. 

Do I Need Chemicals For The Water?

We handle all of the chemical needs at delivery!

How Long Will It Take For The Water To Heat Up?

The tub can take 12-24 hours to fully heat up; therefore we deliver and set-up 1 day ahead of your scheduled rental so it's ready to go when you need it.

How Do You Clean The Tubs In Between Rentals?

Your family's health & safety is our top priority.  We use a sanitizing solution after every rental. Additionally, all exterior surfaces are hand-cleaned with disinfectant soap and then rinsed thoroughly.  

What Do You Do With The Water At The End Of The Rental? 

We use a pump to remove all of the water and can direct it to a location of your choosing (driveway, street, drain, or woods etc.)

What Is Your Delivery Area?

We serve the entire state of Delaware!